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The Labiatae: Advances in Production, Biotechnology and Utilization

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International Symposium
The Labiatae: Advances in Production,

Biotechnology and Utilisation
The Labiatae family includes a wide variety of species valued for their uses as culinary, medicinal, aromatic, and ornamental plants. Exploitation of particular properties of these species is recorded from the beginning of historical times and the strong link between these plants and traditional uses by common people in daily life has survived until now.
In recent times, the interest in both well known plants, such as rosemary, and other Labiatae species native of different continents has increased due to market demand for new products and chemical substances of natural origin suitable for medicinal, cosmetic, and agronomic uses and for food industry. At the same time, the ornamental market has found in these plants a new source of germplasm, especially in large-numbered genera (such as Salvia), to satisfy the demand of product diversification. The success of Labiatae is due also to their easy cultivation, which allows production with low energy inputs and in under-utilised areas.
The Symposium focused on the need for basic scientific knowledge and technical know-how to display the present potentialities of both new introduced and well-known species of Labiatae through the use of modern technologies.

Barbara Ruffoni
Symposium Convener

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